Experts in their field, with extensive knowledge gained through many years of valuable experience and learning.
Examine the company’s website and other pages to check if they regularly update their information over time.
Learning about the company’s beginnings and how it is set up, like whether it is owned by one person, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation.


Ability to provide highly accurate and reliable products or services within their primary industry.
Goodwill gestures are made by businesses in the form of free or discounted extra services for their clients. Free case studies, e-books, case evaluations, and similar services may be provided as an example for professionals.
Companies in their industry offer a wide range of services.


Genuine and authentic photos that tell about the company and educate potential clients.
The use of manipulated, animated, or distracting visuals falls under this category.
Photographs of the license, permit, or other legal documents proving ownership.

Operating Hours

Customer-friendly hours of operation throughout the day.
Companies that are closed throughout less of the day than their competitors on the same listing

Social Media

Verifying the legitimacy of a company’s official profiles across all major social media sites.
Constantly sharing fresh content throughout their many social media channels.
Companies having a high ratio of followers to their total number of followers enjoy widespread popularity.


The official website provides comprehensive and detailed information covering all aspects of the business.
Having a website with live chat enables seamless customer communication, providing prompt responses to their inquiries in real time.
Appointments can be scheduled with the company or professional directly through the website.
Consistent website design and functionality, including a history of all recent changes.
The business logo stands out with a personalized touch, conveying legitimacy, creativity, and uniqueness.
Furnishing accurate contact information such as Address, Phone Number, and Email ID.
Maintaining a valid licence and ensuring that copyrights are updated annually is essential.
Maintaining a valid license and ensuring that copyrights are updated annually is essential.

Awards & Achievements

Complete history of rewards and awards that business has achieved over the years
Number of achievements over the years such as making an appearance in the award honors list or an event


Reviewer’s InfoWe analyze the identity and background of the reviewers.
Reviews StudyA thorough study of the reviews the business has got throughout the years.
ResponsivenessWe analyze the identity and background of the reviewers.
Negative ReviewsBusinesses with high negative reviews won’t be considered for the listing.
Review AnalysisSpecific reviews praising the skills of the team or thanking the professionals by mentioning their names.
Reviews AccuracyReviews that describe the accuracy of the services offered by the business or the professional.


Real DiscountsReal discounts and flat price offers are provided by the business to their customers.
Price ComparisonAffordable services as compared to other businesses in same industry
Location ProximityThe office needs to be located in Montreal
SpecializationBusiness Speciliaztion in one-of-a-kind service
Multiple BranchesCompanies with several locations within and around the area they serve.
VideosThe company presents a series of videos that not only showcase its products and services but also encompass instructional content thoughtfully crafted for the benefit and convenience of its valued consumers.
Call InspectionThe level of quality in how business people handle phone calls and respond to them.
Insurance AcceptanceBusinesses that cater to the highest number of insurance options to provide maximum benefits to their customers.
Address ValidationEnsuring that the physical location of the business matches the address provided on their website and other platforms.
Website SourceA business with a genuine and locally crafted website.
Our Review Team Overall SatisfactionBusinesses that cater to the highest number of insurance options provide maximum benefits to their customers.